About Us

We are hairdressers at heart that love what we do

Our salon offers all bells and whistles but at the end of it -
We are dedicated to making you happy
what do we mean by happy?
Happy hair = happy life
When your hair looks good, you feel amazing and THAT is priceless

The salon -

Situated on the upper level In Morningside shopping centre, we opened in June 2009.
SInce, we have grown to a staff of 26.
We wanted to give our staff the opportunities that we weren't given in previous work experiences - The love of hairdressing within a professional and creative space.
We do it all
Hair, nails, colour and retail

Swept Online -

This is our newest adventure
We know how busy life is, and we want you to use good products on your hair
This is not just to be fancy. They really make a difference to the everyday manageability of your hair.
Whatever your needs.

What we will also be doing is showing how each product works for you and why?
How many times have you purchased a product and realised that it isn't working at all?! Thats because the product is amazing but not necessarily for your hair
With this in mind, we can take your hair from drab to fab.

So, stay tuned to our Blog for videos, tips and basically our opinions on everything!
Happy shopping **