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Rediscover the new Nutritive Collection.
Revisited in 2016, the New Nutritive range offers personalised care to boost conditioning nourishment, treatment and protection to tip, based on three different levels of dryness.

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Protect and maintain longlasting hair color radiance.
Kérastase has created Reflection for colored hair, our first light-reflecting haircare regime which transforms each hair fibre, revealing a mirror-like shine.

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Give your hair a second life.
Kérastase Résistance rebuilds the internal substance of hair weakened by chemical or mechanical agressions to restore its strengh and solidity. Force architecte is dedicated for damaged hair (erosion level 1-2), while Thérapiste (erosion level 3-4) is designed for very damaged and over-processed hair. Hair is restored and the quality of the fiber is like new.

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Tamed curls, untamed feminity.
For all unruly hair looking for smooth, kérastase creates the 1st smooth-in-motion cares to perfectly discipline without rigidity.
Its unique properties to perfectly tame the hair surface while providing an extreme fiber elasticity. Wheter you want bouncy, sensual, voluptuous or relaxed curls, find the expert solution perfectly suited to your curly hair.


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Pure shine, opulent volume.
The must-have range to beautify hair, putting the power of precious oils at the heart of its formula. Kérastase created a customized 3-step beauty routine: cleanse, treat and texturize with carefully-conceived methods for shiny and extremely radiant hair.

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Hair density and fullness programme.
In 2016, Kérastase creates two Densifique programs adapted to the distinct needs of Men and Women. Both programs combine for the 1st time Stemoxydine® with the new Complex Glycan to help increase hair density* and achieve thicker looking hair.

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For severely dried-out hair, Nutritive Magistral protocol will deeply treat, texturise and nourish the most demanding hair for extremely supple texture and radiant shine

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Scalp irritations and concerns.
Aura Botanica

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Kérastase reconciles the irreconcilable, fusing naturality with performance for a luxury experience without compromise. The new 98% natural hair care line features pure, hand-pressed natural original coconut and argan oils in a breakthrough formula that delivers incredible results and a healthy glow.

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Especially designed for very to extremely damaged hair, Therapiste collection is powered by the revolution research on the KAPs (Keratin Associated Protein), the guardian of hair's internal cohesion, an uncommonly strong cohesive power without which the fiber's structure would collapse. Thanks to Therapiste, the KAPs structure is rebuilt from within and maintain to ensure strong, shiny and resistant hair back to life.
Couture styling

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A collection of iconic styling products that embodies each style. The perfect products for construction as well as for finishing.

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An active man needs an active haircare collection. Discover the Kérastase Homme range for a deeply hydrating and nourishing range

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Give your hair an exceptional and complete ritual.
Chronologiste combines luxurious advanced technology and unique sensory experience. This restorative treatment sublimates all hair types, from scalp to ends.

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Hair in motion by Kerastase.

1st care for all unruly hair:
- Looking for shaped curls with Discipline Curl Idéal.
- Looking for smooth with Discipline Fluidéaliste.


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For weakened hair seeking healthy length

Hair range that optimizes and reinforces the length of damaged
hair. The range includes a shampoo & conditioner boosted with
Creatine and a hair serum formulated with Ceramides
formulated to reinforce and restore the structure of hair fiber
from within. The result is less breakage and less split ends
which allow for increased hair growth.

Kérastase is at the forefront of professional hair care. Kérastase hair products are not only luxurious and indulgent, but they’re also the most advanced formulations bringing the very best care for your hair. This Luxury hair care brand has built up a wealth of expertise over the years and is committed to continuously lead the professional market by launching ground breaking formulae and revolutionary new concepts

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